Little House Tutoring began with a passion for helping students succeed in school. It all started some years ago, when the daughter of one of our founders entered high school and was struggling to reach her potential. While her teachers did the best they could, they simply lacked the resources and experience to truly reach a student whose learning style was different from the norm. Feeling confident in her daughter’s capabilities yet frustrated by her lack of success in school, the mother explored other alternatives. A program of targeted, specialized tutoring proved to be the answer.


Reflecting upon this experience with her daughter, the mother recognized the need for support: both for the students who need assistance with their learning and for their parents who so desperately seek that assistance. As a result, she co-founded Little House Tutoring along with her two daughters and her niece. Since opening its doors in 2000, the centre has emerged as one of Vancouver’s leading tutoring and educational resource centres, having helped hundreds of students realize their educational potential.



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  • Sarah Knowlden

    Orton Gillingham Tutor

    Sarah was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Ever since she can remember she’s always loved working with children.


    By the age of 11 she knew she wanted to do something that involved teaching.  At the age of 18 she started volunteering at Little House, and loved it! She then knew she wanted to further her education, so she could strengthen her role in the Little House team.


    A year later, she completed the Orton Gillingham course at Fraser Academy. Now, 7 years later, she is one of the senior Orton Gillingham tutors at Little House. She is currently working towards her Early Childhood Education (ECE) degree.


    Sarah says, “I love every minute of it!”

  • Camilla Pollock - Orton Gillingham Tutor & Certified Teacher

    Camilla has a Bachelor of Education and a TESL Diploma from UBC. She is also a certified Orton Gillingham tutor.


    Camilla has been teaching and working with children for 30 years. She spent 6 years overseas teaching ESL in Chile and Japan. One of her favorite experiences was teaching phonics in Japanese kindergartens.


    In her spare time she enjoys gardening, scrap booking, reading and traveling with her family.

  • Preenan Peony - Math Tutor

    Preenan has loved working with children since she was a teenager. She is currently completing her Masters in Educational Studies (under the faculty of Education) at UBC and has enjoyed being a part of the Little House team since 2015.


    Preenan always had a natural inclination to teach, guide and academically support those younger than her. As a child, she has enjoyed helping out her cousins and friends with their homework and volunteered as a tutor in high school to help her juniors and peers with subjects they were struggling in. It is here where she started to discover how every individual had their particular needs and particular ways of learning the same subject material.


    As she moved through university, she began to develop a deeper understanding of how individuals can reach their full potential if they are taught using methods that work best for them. Being a visual and tactile learner herself, she excelled in her courses by organizing information in tables and graphs and taking good notes to encode course material. Once again, she volunteered as a tutor during her 3rd and 4th year in university to help 1st and 2nd year students with their courses.


    Preenan’s interest in learning conditions and strategies lead her to pursue a Master’s in Educational Studies at UBC. This has exposed her to an immense body of research along the lines of academic literacy and  academic discourse socialization -that is, research that uncovers how children and young adults are socialized into academic ways of reading, writing, and speaking. She became particularly interested in the conditions under which the academic socialization process is rapid and successful and is currently conducting research on how nonnative speakers of English undergo academic socialization, what difficulties they encounter in the process, how they tackle the difficulties and the conditions under which the socialization process is most successful.


    Preenan has continued to chase her passion for teaching and mentoring during her time at UBC. She has been appointed as a teaching assistant for several first and second year undergraduate courses at UBC in the first and second year of her masters program. Since 2015, she has also joined Little House as a tutor and has been working with kids between the ages of 4 and 16. She relishes in being able to teach the younger children to read and write, and the older ones to critically think about and approach problems in math, science and language arts in an optimal learning environment, tailor-made to fit her students’ academic needs.

  • Teresa Jones

    Orton Gillingham Tutor

    Teresa has been teaching children and teenagers in individualized, multi-sensory teaching programs for over ten years, and she has enjoyed being part of the Little House team since 2011.


    When she was 13 years old, Teresa became interested in working with children while spending her summers volunteering at summer camps for children with developmental disabilities.


    Years later, as a parent navigating the school system with her two children, Teresa began to realize the importance of identifying and meeting the individual needs of each student and of tailoring the material to the child’s learning styles and differences.


    Through her own children and her students, Teresa has had first-hand experience with how children can potentially slip through the cracks of the educational system, whether public or private. She has also seen children who are disillusioned and refusing to go to school at age 6, become happy, successful members of the classroom after one-to-one teaching intervention.


    Teresa is a certified Orton Gillingham Multi-Sensory tutor. She completed her practicum requirement through the Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver. She has a degree in Communication Arts and is currently working on a second degree in Creative Writing, which, besides teaching, is her passion.


    From teaching students as young as 3 or 4 to read, to teaching students with learning and temperament differences, to teaching high school students Liberal Arts, Calculus, and Sciences, Teresa enjoys the variety of students she has the opportunity to work with.

  • Dana Metcalfe

    Schedulling & Management

    Dana manages scheduling and reception at Little House.  She keeps Little House running smoothly and will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Patricia McLean - Tutor

    Patricia McLean’s work with children over the past 30 years has encompassed everything from educator to entertainer and she is always finding new ways to encourage young minds.  She has a degree in English from UBC as well as a Master’s degree in Creative Writing with a thesis in children’s literature.


    Her greatest joy is introducing students to the magic of reading and helping them develop all their learning skills through a love of the written word. Patricia is the published author of two children’s books, Keala Up a Tree and Keala and the Hawaiian Bird, and has spent time in schools, bookstores and libraries assisting with literacy and language programs.


    A long-time resident of the Dunbar area where she raised her daughter, Patricia is excited to be a new part of the Little House team.

  • Emily Murphy - French Tutor

    Emily grew up in Squamish, BC where she began tutoring in her teens. She has been studying French since she was 5 years old through BC’s French Immersion program and eventually continued her secondary school studies in Besançon, France through a student exchange program, OSEF.


    She is now living in Vancouver and completing a Bachelor of Arts with a major in French Education and a double minor in learning and developmental disabilities and sociology at Simon Fraser University. She has completed her Early Childhood Education Assistant certificate from Vancouver Community College.


    She loves the challenge of finding the perfect methods and techniques for every individual that she works with and knows the importance of having a comfortable learning environment. Emily values making sincere connections with each of her students and providing continued support and encouragement to reach their full potential.


    In her free time, she loves to travel, knit, solve puzzles, read and spend time with family and friends.